Work with BDF container. Base NL 66.

Work with BDF container. Base NL 66.
Working conditions


  • Travel expenses to and from work covered by 500 EUR (the compensation for the travel expenses changes together with increases in fuel prices).
  • Paid holidays.
  • Weekly payments of 500 EUR.
  • 100 EUR bonus for bringing an eligible colleague to the company.
  • Additional health insurance.
  • No payment deductions for fuel expenses or damages caused.
  • Free accommodation. You get back home every day.
Nature of work
  • Work with tautliner BFD containers.
  • Deliveries in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.
  • During work days, you have the possibility to come back to an apartment 2-3 times (the rest of the nights are spent in the truck).
  • For the 45h of rest period you always come back to the apartment.
  • Lithuanian work contract.
  • No payment deductions for fuel.
  • You go to work with your own transportation vehicle.
  • Rotations by 6/3 or depending on the agreement.


  • English or German language.
  • Successful CE driver experience of at least 1 year while working in West Europe.
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