Working with refrigerator. Base - DE97.

Working with refrigerator. Base - DE97.
Working conditions


  • Location: Germany;
  • Day/night shift; 
  • Sleeping in a truck, 45 hours rest in base rooms with wc, bathroom and kitchen or in truck;
  • Communication with management via tablet;
  • Departure and return by own transport. Fuel costs are compensated with 300EUR.
  • Weekly payments of 500 EUR;
  • Additional health insurance;
  • No payment deductions for fuel expenses or damages caused.
Nature of work
  • Loading at Kaufland warehouse, unloading in Kaufland shops
  • Working with a scanner, loading/unloading with electric lift
  • Pallets are NOT CHANGED
  • MB / MAN trucks.
  • Individual work.
  • 6/3 (6 weeks working, 3 weeks rest), or 8/4;
  • Pallets are NOT CHANGED
  • Language skills: English, Russian or German.
  • At least 1 year of experience working with a refrigerator.
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+370 688 79300

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