Work with a refrigerator. Base – DE74.

Work with a refrigerator. Base – DE74.
Working conditions
  • Trucks: DAF, VOLVO.
  • Nights are spent inside the truck, the 45h rest period is spent at the base - WC, shower, a kitchen.
  • Fuel costs are compensated with 320 EUR.
  • Paid holidays (around 1000 EUR every year).
  • Weekly payments of 500 EUR.
  • All social guarantees. A Lithuanian job contract.
  • No payment deductions for fuel expenses or damages caused.
  • Additional health insurance.
Nature of work
  • Geography: Germany.
  • Daytime/night-time job.
  • Loads: product delivery to stores.
  • Rotations of 6/3, 8/4 or depending on the agreement.
  • Languages: RU.
  • At least 1 year experience of working with a refrigerator in Europe.
  • ADR certificate is not necessary but it will be considered an advantage. 
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