Working with BDF trucks. Base DE 46

Working with BDF trucks. Base DE 46
Working conditions


  • Travel to and from work with your own transport, we pay for departure and return days;
  • BDF lessons (for those without experience);
  • Lithuanian employment contract;
  • There is no unpaid vacation;
  • The money is paid weekly;
  • Fast employment, departure every weekend.
Nature of work
  • Work in rotations of 6/3. (6 weeks working / 3 weeks at home);
  • Work at night – no loadings, traffic jams or parking problems; 
  • BDF trailers;
  • 45 hours rest in base.
  • Successful, at least 1 year of CE work experience in Western Europe;
  • ADR A1 certificate;
  • Need to speak English, German or Russian.
Contact us
+370 688 79300

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