EU Mobility Package rules will apply in Norway starting from November 1

EU Mobility Package rules will apply in Norway starting from November 1

Starting from November 1st, Norway will be adopting the EU Mobility Package rules. The Norwegian government has already changed the domestic road rules and transportation laws in order to effectively adopt the Mobility Package. With this new change, Norway hopes to ensure proper working conditions and the safety of those working in the transportation industry.

Some of the most important changes that will be implemented on November 1st include the following:

  • All international haulers that want to operate in Norway are obliged to provide all the necessary documentation and meet the requirements regarding finances, reputation, professional competence, and registration.
  • These cabotage provisions apply to international transport vehicles that weigh more than 2,5t.
  • At least once in the period of every 4 weeks, the driver has to spend his weekly rest time in the country in which their employer is located. The employer company is responsible for ensuring that this rule is abided by. 
  • The weekly rest of 45 hours and more cannot be taken inside the vehicle.
  • Every 8 weeks the vehicles must be returned to their country of origin.
  • The 4-day “cool-off” period rule applies: starting from the end of the last cabotage operation, it is forbidden to conduct another cabotage operation with the same vehicle in the same country for the upcoming 4 days.

It is also important to note that the Norwegian government is planning to implement some additional road laws in 2026. Delivery vehicles that weigh between 2,5t and 3,5t and are conducting international cabotage operations will be obligated to have tachographs installed inside them. Transportation vehicles of this type will also be obliged to abide by the EU transportation laws, such as those regarding rest periods for drivers.

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