Lithuania has ramped up efforts to check for illegally employed drivers

Lietuvoje griežčiau tikrinami vairuotojų vilkikai

The border control in Lithuania has become more strict – truck drivers are being checked more often during unplanned border control checks. These checks have started due to the National Labor Inspectorate and National Border Control signing an agreement that seeks to increase the efforts to stop illegal work and human trafficking.

Unplanned checks are being conducted in towns such as Varėna, Gerviškės, Šalčininkai, and others. According to the National Labor Inspectorate, 164 cases of illegal work have been detected so far during these checks. Simultaneously, fines of 150,000 euros worth have been issued to Lithuanian hauler companies. It is also important to note that during one of the checks that were carried out at the Šalčininkai control post, out of 12 drivers who were checked only 2 were employed according to the national requirements. These new unplanned checks are very important. They provide an opportunity to “unravel broad illegal work schemes”, help illegally employed individuals and decrease corruption levels within the country.

pasienio kontrole

Keywords: border control, road restrictions, work for drivers