Tachograph checks increased in Norway

Norvegijoje griežčiau tikrinami tachografai

After the implementation of the EU Mobility Package, the drivers‘ ability to properly use tachographs gained major importance. However, it is not enough for drivers to just insert the card into the device. The Norwegian Truck Owner Association has announced that the local authorities have ramped up tachograph checks in order to see if drivers have registered the necessary information onto the device while the card was taken out.

Every truck driver has an obligation to manually enter what they have been doing in the period that the card was taken out of the device. This is especially important for those drivers whose vehicles have the VDO-type tachographs installed. When the card is removed, these tachographs do not automatically ask the driver if the period during which the card wasn’t inserted was their rest period. Therefore, when using tachographs as such it is very important to register this information manually since due to the ramped-up checks in Norway drivers are being fined more frequently. 

Tachografų tikrinimas

Keywords: work for drivers, tachographs, Mobility Package, tachograph checks