Electricity and hydrogen-fueled HVS and Designwerk trucks

Electricity and hydrogen-fueled HVS and Designwerk trucks

Research shows that in 2021 the transport industry accounted for 37% of all CO2 emissions. Given this, many auto vehicle manufacturers seek to create trucks that wouldn’t harm the environment. The Hydrogen Vehicle Systems and Designwerk are no exception – these companies recently developed new electric and hydrogen-fueled trucks in an attempt to make the logistics sector more environmentally friendly.

The HVS hydrogen-fueled truck

The Scottish company Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) has recently developed a model of a hydrogen-fueled truck. The hydrogen-electric drivetrain does not require a lot of maintenance. It doesn’t pollute the environment at all and works very efficiently. This new truck also has the most advanced electric axle worldwide. This model comes into sizes – a smaller one (4,250-7,500kg) and a larger one (19,000kg). The smaller version of the truck has a range of up to 415km, while the larger one – up to 830km. HVS is also planning to launch another truck of a similar type into the market. This truck allows to optimize direct vision, range, and weight distribution. The vehicle is special as it allows to save fuel even on long-distance trips. This new model can complete longer journeys than other electric trucks. It has higher load capacity and its refueling doesn’t take long (approx. the same amount of time that a diesel truck would require). By using renewable sources of energy, HVS seeks to protect the environment and decarbonize the logistics industry.

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vandeniliu varomas vilkikasPhoto credits: HVS

The Designwerk electric truck

The Swiss manufacturer Designwerk claims that its new electric truck is the first one ever to have a battery with a capacity of 1000kWh. This truck can drive up to 760km without being recharged. It also consumes 52% less energy compared to diesel-fueled trucks. Just like the new HVS model, this truck comes in different types: the client can choose from several different cabin sizes as well as different battery capacities and chassis types depending on personal needs. The smallest possible option is a semi-trailer truck with a battery capacity of 375kWh. A truck of this type can drive up to 220km. The creators of this model have tried to create a cabin that would maximize road visibility. Designwerk has also created cabins that are very comfortable for the drivers, for example, there’s extra storage space available in them. This new truck should hit the streets of Switzerland by the end of 2023. 

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Photo credits: "Designwerk"

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