Six mobile applications that are useful for truck drivers

Six mobile applications that are useful for truck drivers

Work for drivers can be rather difficult sometimes – delivering the products on time is often stressful, managing different routes, finding a suitable rest area, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle all at once can also be hard. However, today's technology allows you to do all the necessary tasks faster and easier with the help of your smartphone. In this article, we provide a list of free mobile apps that will be useful for every truck driver.

Truck Parking Europe application

The Truck Parking app makes it easy for truck drivers to find a suitable rest area. The application settings allow you to set the desired language (from Romanian and English to German and Russian) and find the desired rest area that meets your personal needs. A wide range of filters allows you to choose only the most suitable places, for example, those that ensure the safety of drivers, are equipped with gyms, showers, or hotels. The app shows the ratings of all the places available, therefore choosing a truck park becomes easier. Once you’ve chosen the place you want, this application directs you to the desired GPS program and helps you to reach the destination.

Traffic Ban application

The "Traffic Ban" indicates the road restrictions and truck bans that are in place today or that are scheduled for the upcoming weeks. The app indicates the countries in which these bans are valid and the hours during which they apply.

Sygic Truck application

The Sygic GPS Truck & Caravan app is a GPS application designed specifically for truck drivers. After installing this app, the user must provide information about their vehicle, such as the fuel used by the truck, its weight, width, length, and height. According to the information provided the app shows the most convenient way to reach the necessary destination. The filters available in the application allow to make the trip as smooth as possible - for example, the driver can indicate that he wants to avoid sharp turns or narrow roads, and the application will map the route accordingly.

Truck Maps application

The Truck Maps app is similar to the Sygic GPS Truck & Caravan app because it is also tailored specifically for truck drivers. However, the map shown on this application immediately indicates all of the information that the driver might find necessary, for example, the height of tunnels and width of roads located nearby, as well as streets on which trucks are not allowed to drive. It also shows other important information such as hotels and parking lots located nearby. This app allows you to create a personalized profile of your truck, specifying data about the vehicle's height, length, weight, and aspects alike. For the best experience, the user can specify which roads he wants to avoid in the settings of the application.

Iron Trucker application

The Iron Trucker app is designed for drivers who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle even while they’re on the road. This application provides a wide variety of exercises that drivers can easily perform during their free time. The app is special as it also explains how to complete some exercises with the help of your own truck.

InTruck application

The InTruck app allows drivers to choose the best rest area that fits their needs. This application provides a large list of nearby truck parks. When the driver chooses one of them, the application provides all of the necessary information regarding the rest area, such as contact details, the address, prices, working hours, and facilities available at this location.

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