Switzerland to change its toll collection system

Switzerland to change its toll collection system

Switzerland is planning to replace its manual road toll collection system with an electronic system by the end of 2024. The new system to come into force is the European Electric Toll Service (EETS) used by many member states of the European Union. In this way, the country hopes to reduce traffic on important roads and make the toll system more efficient.

The EETS system has been available in Switzerland since 2021, but there still exist terminals and toll booths in which road tolls can be paid for manually. The new electronic system allows to reduce traffic and decrease waiting times. It also makes payments easier to carry out and allows to avoid common errors made by drivers who are trying to cover the road toll expenses.

When using the EETS system, each vehicle must be equipped with a special device. The owner of a truck or a car must contact one of the EETS suppliers in order to pay the road tax and obtain  the required device. The Swiss Customs and Border Protection Office (BAZG) has officially approved the following EETS providers: Telepass, Toll4Europe, and Axxès, while other potential providers are still awaiting approval from the BAZG office. Drivers and haulers are encouraged to contact their fuel card providers so that they can equip their vehicles with the EETS. When not using the EETS system, tolls are collected using ID cards and the LSVA (Swiss road toll) terminals. LSVA terminals are located at almost all Swiss border points.

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