Truck parking tips

Truck parking tips

The ability to park a truck in the correct way requires a lot of skill and practice. Parking in very narrow spots and avoiding accidents at the same time is rather difficult. Because of this, we have gathered a couple of tips and tricks to help you park your truck more easily.

Know the vehicle size and its blind spots

When parking the truck it‘s important to know its length and width – it is often recommended to imagine that the vehicle is even larger than its actual size. It is also important to be aware of the truck‘s blind spots as the mirrors often don‘t allow to see everything while parking. Thus, being aware of your vehicle‘s size and its blind spots prior will allow you to park the truck more safely.

The three-point turn

When parking a truck in a very narrow parking spot it is worth to consider using the three-point turn method. Usually, this method is used when trying to turn around in the middle of a road. The driver first turns to the right, then turns the wheel to the left completely, advances as far as possible, backs the vehicle back while turning completely to the right, and then drives forward once again while turning to the left, this way successfully turning the vehicle around. This turning method can thus be applied when parking the truck in very narrow spots as well.

Check the cargo

Before parking the truck it is crucial to check your trailer and make sure that the cargo is loaded properly. If you’re carrying heavy loads there is a risk that the items inside the trailer might slide to one side and the trailer is going to turn unexpectedly due to the uneven distribution of weight. It is thus crucial to ensure that all of the items you’re carrying are secured safely and distributed equally.

Choose the more remote parking spots

In a parking lot, drivers are more likely to choose the spots that are the closest to the entrance. This means that the risk of accidents in this part is also the highest. Drivers of trucks are recommended to choose more remote parking spots in order to avoid accidents and to have more space to carry out complicated maneuvers. 

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